Turin to Oulx on public transport

Last week I went out to the alps for our mid season meeting and, as I was flying into Turin, I thought I would see how close to Montgenevre I could get by public transport (and how easy it would be).........

My BA flight landed on time (17.20) and in no time at all I was through passport control and in the arrival area. The machine for the Caselle Express in arrivals and there are instructions in english. A one way ticket costs 6€50 and although the machine says it takes cash and cards I could not get it to work with my card Luckily there is a cash point so I was able to withdraw some euros.

The Sadem (name of the bus company)  bus stop is just outside and there is timetable is on the wall. There buses are very regular - remember to validate your ticket in the machine as you climb on the bus.
My 18.00 bus left on time .......

There is a railway station at the airport too, however I needed to go to the railway station Porta Nuova and the trains go to Porta Susa.

The bus stops along the way at it drives through the outskirts of the city and the roads were quite busy, but I suspect this was due to it being rush hour. It was large & comfortable and we arrived at Porta Nuova at 18.46  ( only 1 minute late)> It is a very short walk along to the railway station which is enormous - the third largest in Italy apparently. The ticket machines are well signposted and the train departures easy to understand . The board shows the final destination first and then all the stops en route - my train was the 19.16 to Bardonnecchia with a stop at 20.27 for Oulx.

The ticket machine had very easy to follow instructions in english and this time my card did work. Time for a latte macchiato and a little chocolate before finding a machine to validate my ticket (nearly forgot to do this) and then getting on the train. I was not sure where I was supposed to put my luggage as there did not seem to be any storage areas for large bags, but the train was not busy so I put it close to the exit and kept an eye on it.  It was a clean and bright train on 2 levels and my journey was a bargain at 5€40 for a 2nd class ticket.

The train pulled out at 19.18 and arrived in Oulx on time. All very easy! Had I arrived earlier in the day I might have been able to get another bus which would have taken me even closer to resort

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